Bank Security System

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The bank system was created for an escape room. The system has 2 ways to trigger, the first is a motion sensor and the second is a laser trigger. The players must deactivate the motion sensor by pressing the red button at the end of the room before the alarm turns on. If the alam turns on they can use a special hacking device (a button) to reset the alarm and try again.

Once the button is pressed the motion sensor is turned off and now the players must go through the lasers. If they trip the lasers they need to use the hacking device to reset the alarm.


The setup uses an arduino to raspberry pi communication. The arduino handles all the alarm triggers such as motion sensor and lasers and sends the command to the raspberry pi through serial communication when something is triggered. The raspberry pi knows exactly what is triggered and updates a MYSQL database table. The table is then read by a second raspberry pi which plays an animation and plays alarm sounds. The rotating light is triggered by the main arduino.

The setup looks as follows.